We always strive to provide the best possible service but if there is something we need to improve, we would like to know so that we can learn from this experience and put things right. Whether you are in one of our hospitals, medical centres or gyms, a duty manager should be able to assist in most instances.

If you need to raise a concern or make a formal complaint, rest assured that we will take things very seriously and we will deal with your complaint professionally. We also regularly review all feedback to continuously improve your experience with us.

The complaints process

  1. Submit your complaint using either the hospitals form below, or submit a gyms complaint here >
  2. This will then be logged with the most senior manager at the location selected
  3. They will coordinate a response to your feedback in order to make sure that all concerns are addressed

Thank you for contacting us

Your complaint will be responded to within two working days.



Still not satisfied?

If you are not satisfied with the Location Manager's response you can:

Email our Customer Relations team directly via customer.relations@nuffieldhealth.com

Write to our Customer Relations Team at:

Nuffield Health Customer Relations team
Epsom Gateway
Ashley Avenue
KT18 5AL

PLEASE NOTE: If your complaint has not yet been handled by the location’s senior manager, the complaint will be assigned to them in the first instance. Please whenever possible provide proof of interaction when escalating via the address above.